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The factory, the cassette and the disc
The factory, the cassette and the disc [booklet front]
The factory, the cassette and the disc
The factory, the cassette and the disc [booklet back]


Like the beast slouching towards Bethlehem, Factory is widening its grasp of technologies. Having indulged in vinyl and video since year zero, we decded to celebrate the "Summer of love" - Hacienda, every Tuesday night - by moving backwards and forwards simultaneously. Forwards to the brave new world of C.D.'s that hath such records in it... or will be by the time the Autumn comes.

Backwards to that delightful but now primitive form of chart manipulation called the Cassette. In 1979, Factory released ACR's, "The Graveyard and the Ballroom", the first ever cassette-only release. Bow wow bowed in with Malcolm's mouth a full year later.

In 1980, afficionadoes will recall "the heyday"... Sex Pistols in conversation courtesy of Judy Vermorel; a self destruct cassette. Fact 30. We haven't bothered much since then.

No-one would do real time in sufficient quantities. Now by popular demand, and because we had a nice idea for the packaging, meet Fact 100c, the first non-limited release cassette from Factory Communications Limited. New Order, the album "Low-life" plus the Perfect Kiss Twelve inch tracks. Metal tape etc. Realising the library potential of our neat little generic bag - try racking that one lads - we're indulging in a little recapturing of Times past, and our future release schedule will be treated as an archival activity. Between September and November of this year we will release;

FACT 10 "Unknown Pleasures" Joy Division
FACT 14 "The Return of the Durutti Column" The Durutti Column
FACT 16 "The Graveyard and the Ballroom" A Certain Ratio
FACT 24 "The Factory Quartet" (Double cassette)
FACT 25 "Closer" Joy Division

We start, as you see, at the beginning, all those releases being from 1979 and the first half of 1980. We will arrive at 1986 by 1987. So far, the colour scheme is Joy Division, Helio. ACR, Royal Blue; Durutti Column, Claret; New Ordeer, White. This could change. So could you.

Next month, the world's first pop "C.D.-only" release.

For now; here's to home taping.

- -

Small card booklet produced by FCL heralding the then imminent arrival of the Factory boxed cassette series and also the compact disc era. Closely related to the "Factory goes with the disc" booklet. Mentions the FACT 24 A Factory Quartet cassette which was never fully released but which was made in very limited quantities.

Note: transcript is verbatim with the exception of correcting the typo "The Prefect Kiss".

With thanks to Brian Nicholson for imagery.

The Factory, the cassette and the disc
The factory, the cassette and the disc
The factory, the cassette and the disc [booklet inner]