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Thread: Runcorn Factory fakes yet again?

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[ 9th Dec 2012: 20:36 ]

i've also purchased some items from tim and found him nothing but very helpful & 100% honest, the items i got from him are 100% genuine and wouldn't have any qualms getting anything else from him at all. as the person complaining about him, i also work in the design & print industry and have been for over 25years if something was wrong with anything i received i would of noticed immediately


[ 5th Dec 2012: 03:59 ]

Ha Ha. Good call


[ 4th Dec 2012: 11:07 ]

When was the last time any of you lot had sex ?


[ 3rd Dec 2012: 19:36 ]

I'd like to thank everyone for posting comments in my favour. It really warms the cockles of my heart. After these positive comments I do not feel the need to lower myself to these 2 half-wits. Cheers everyone who has bought from me over the years with no complaints.

Andy Willatt

[ 1st Dec 2012: 22:06 ]

Ive been a factory collector since 86. Made contact with Tim, arranged to meet up, and visited last Sunday. I purchased several items and i'm really pleased with them. I saw his collection and i'm very envious of some of his artefacts, there's no way that they could be homemade. My advice, if you think there is a problem to contact Tim personally and not do it In public, HE REALLY IS AN APPROACHABLE GUY !!!


[ 1st Dec 2012: 21:34 ]

I bought things from Tim almost 10 years ago and again last week. I'm 100% happy with everything he sold me.


[ 1st Dec 2012: 02:38 ]

I've bought stuff off Tim in last few days, and all was 100% fine.

[ 28th Nov 2012: 18:49 ]

Dont know about they ebay listing,but one thing i do know: The last FACD251 went for well over £400 on Ebay for the inlay invite and cd. I know because i sold it! £260 is not out of the question for a copy of FACD251,Very top end but i would have probably paid that myself as would many other collectors. steve - The uk's only dedicated Joy Division, New Order and side project Web Portal


[ 26th Nov 2012: 10:15 ]

It's an illegal listing on eBay, so I've just alerted them. It's hilarious when you read the comments to see that he claims to have paid £260 for a FACD251. Who's the mug?

[ 24th Nov 2012: 19:26 ]

Tim, is a genuine Factory Collector / seller. Recently both myself and the number one Joy Division / New Order collector in the world have had stuff from him which was 120% legit. All his stuff is cosher! If your are having "issues" then why not contact him in person instead of airing your "dirty laundry" in public. steve - The uk's only dedicated Joy Division, New Order and side project Web Portal


[ 10th Nov 2012: 00:50 ]

Please be aware Timmy Youens is listing again on Ebay. This time his seller ID is factoryallstar not Pitmen {god knows how many more ID's he uses on Ebay}.Whilst I am sure he has amassed many genuine Factory Records items over the years, and indeed has letters of authenticity from Ang Mathews and Oli Wilson et-al for some of the items he is currently offering, it would appear that we now have the eighth 'Bessy Talks Turkey' video to be offered for sale by him in the last few years.Maybe this is his original genuine copy that he is selling this time.But please all you potential buyers be aware of what my experience of buying off him some four or five years ago was.I work in the print industry and spotted the tell tale {albeit very subtle} 6mm wide industrial laser printer stripes in the red ink of his fake 'Bessy' sleeve immediately.Plus very heavy drop-out was present during playback, synonymous with DIY VHS copying and the fact that the label on the cassette of the copy he sent me was in a slightly different position to that of the one he had uploaded photographs of into his Ebay listing at the time.However when challenged by myself he assured me that he had two copies,and that in addition to his own copy he was 'selling another for a friend'{alarm bells!}.His fakes are good {he even uses Ikon embossed vhs cases}however addition the label on the cassette he sold me gradually began to peel off and my gut feeling at the time was that things just were not right, none of my other early eighties genuine Factory videos have had labels peeling off.However as an avid honest collector I gave him the benefit. Unfortunately for myself it took me another two years to get hold of a genuine copy of Fac 125 with which to compare the Timmy fake copy with.Upon direct comparison all my fears were confirmed.He also "took me "for a fake Factory In Store video and fake Fac 400 Transmission video at the same time -expensive mistake! {white sleeves - very difficult to check}.So maybe Timmy is right I am the 'dick' he certainly took me for one!.In the absence of any Factory Records fan websites willing to make a concerted effort to expose FCL fakes of which there are an increasing number the question you have to ask yourselves is can Timmy Youens fool all of the people all of the time?.