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Thread: FAC51 original door sign?

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[ 7th Nov 2012: 00:07 ]

Seems like you can only post early in the morning probably after a few dutch courages. As for your ego, 6 besseys??? Now who's talking bollocks. The John Cooper line makes no sense, just like the last one you posted, but then being a pisshead.......


[ 6th Nov 2012: 00:59 ]

I ain't from Stockport I am from Macclesfield timmy.6 'Bessy Talks Turkey' videos out of Runcorn in the last 3 years offered by you on ebay eh?. only stopped when I eventually saw a genuine one and exposed you last year - coincidence, bollocks.By the way what happened to 'Mike Twin' another ebay Factory Records counterfeiter out of Runcorn? or was that a pseudonym of yours in order to pump more fake items out of Runcorn?.BTW John Cooper have got any or do I have buy you a Snickers bar???


[ 28th Oct 2012: 23:23 ]

C'mon and show some bottle. Post your address Stockport man

Tim Youens

[ 28th Oct 2012: 20:01 ]

Awww. Its nice to see a keyboard hooligan with a big opionated ego. We'll meet one day i'm sure !! My address is WA7 2EE my phone number 07980 893585 You know fuck all dickhead !!!


[ 27th Oct 2012: 01:25 ]

Oops, sorry about my incorrect spelling of the word "previous" in my earlier posting, the errant 'c' must have been a Freudian slip for Timmy being a rather large C!.Guys do I need to buy a snickers bar for all of you?That includes you John Cooper.


[ 26th Oct 2012: 00:01 ]

No mr Youens that will be the street sign for Artists Lane, Nether Alderly the bass players after.But when are you gonna start knockin' out Corian fake Hacienda engraved wall plaques?.As regards this website I have mentioned the fakery of Timmy Youens before.Shame on you for not helping to expose his previous production of fake Factory artifacts put up for sale on Ebay.Are you in cahoots?????


[ 24th Oct 2012: 22:25 ]

Was this the one a famous Bass player thought abot copying to make shit loads of cash????


[ 17th Jul 2012: 21:07 ]

Id be very surprised if it was the original im sure someone told me that they put up a BT Tent outside the Hac around 88 and proceeded to chop the sign out while it looked legit. If you look at the Hac sign on the internet you can see the mortar is different as it was replaced. Probabally a few were made later and this is one of a batch


[ 11th Jul 2012: 14:59 ]

So is this the real item real or not? I thought the sign belonged to Robert Grettons family.