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Thread: Early Factory and Pussy Riot now

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[ 4th Jun 2012: 15:32 ]

Her Majesty is no doubt pleased to know that Paul Morely is "absolutely distressed" at the total absence of any punk-type opposition to the present musical/social situation. Obviously he`s too distressed to mention Pussy Riot.( BBC2 Late Review) John Lydon is also as quiet as the grave on the subject claiming the UK is too conservative. How conservative and politically correct of Paul and John ( in their thinking and practice). Such delusional certitudes . The re-peasantification of the UK all this bank holiday! In Moscow Pussy Riot have spooked the entire mafia hierarchy of church and state! Pussy Riot are the apotheosis (so far) of the situationist detournement of public and commercial spaces ( see Free Pussy Riot site for all the free vids/controversial lyrics etc). Its a fact that some Pussy Riot fans are also enthusiastic about `Vaneigem Mix` by Royal Family&the Poor. No doubt other Factory stuff too. In the Pussy Riot collective it`s the women on top for starters. As a fan of Iggy Pop & the Stooges and the Cramps I`ll end with a Lux lyric from Garbageman, "If you can`t dig this you can`t dig nothin`!"


[ 7th Apr 2012: 22:14 ]

Anyone see the direct link between early situationist factory and the Pussy Riot scene in Moscow now ? Riot Grrl Kathleen urges everyone to experience and support Pussy Riot ( go to Youtube or to Global Solidarity with Pussy Riot). Tony would love this collective of anarchosituationist feminists. Yes it is art too. For all.