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Thread: Hacienda Anniversary 11 years

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Steve Williams

[ 7th Jan 2012: 22:37 ]

Yeh , I went in my black MK2 Golf some Journalist wanted a picture of Tony and my numberplate FAC 5T told them to shove it LOL anyway there was jack left of the Hac at that time the whole auction was a waste of time. The one Hooky did in Dry was better when he sold the massive eight and that picture of some mint bird he had to take down from above his bed cause his misses hated it.....


[ 12th Dec 2011: 15:45 ]

Hi Chris, Wow - can't believe that's 11 years ago. I went to the auction and bought one of the steel uprights (the red one) Regards, Gary

chris h

[ 25th Nov 2011: 18:05 ]

It's 11 years this wekeend since the Hacienda was sold off at auction for charity, lord above! Did anyone goto the auction? I'm making a film about it for charity if you own any pieces from the club. Cheers Chris