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Thread: Serious Fac Collectors - FAC288 T Shirt

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[ 30th Jun 2011: 13:15 ]

T - would love to have a pic of the t-shirt for the archives as I have never seen one. Any chance you could email me one? Cheeers.


[ 27th Jun 2011: 20:05 ]

what was FAC214 like, someit shite like an adventure babies album


[ 21st Jun 2011: 08:30 ]

Tsk tsk. Don't you boys realise that anything above FAC214 just ain't worth having.


[ 18th Jun 2011: 22:58 ]

Alright people! not posted on here in ages so hope everyones doing as well as they can be! Just seeing if there are any serious Factory Collectors on here that need the elusive FAC288 Shaun On One T-Shirt. Ive no need to tell you how rare these are, they are seldom seen anywhere, ive only ever seen a couple. If anyones interested drop me a line at and I can send you pics etc. I must be honest though, I have had good offers alreasy and I wont be parting with it for any piss-take offers lol best regards to evreyone! Cheers T