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Thread: Meltdown - Tony Wilson evening

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[ 31st Dec 2011: 22:20 ] Here's Mike doing his Antony H Wilson poem supporting John Cooper Clarke


[ 12th Aug 2011: 01:48 ]

Good article by Boff Whalley (Chumbawumba) about the riots and the society of the spectacle in todays Independent. Nice to know there`s some like-minded anarchosituationists out there. makes all the other commentators sound like bags of shit.


[ 18th Jun 2011: 18:21 ]

That`s an ok review of the event in The Arts Desk but it was Lindsay who `discovered` OMD for Factory. If Tony hadn`t been a `fan` of the Situationist International there`d have been no Factory,no Peter Saville or Paul Morely either, or Hacienda or Happy Mondays. Lindsays book doesn`t desexualise,depunk or desituationist Factory. Factory was a jokey (but just as serious) version of the S.I. Not everyone understood it as such. If Factory was `special` (and it was/is) all the reasons can be found in the S.I. Reasons that remain all the more provocative in todays world. Reasons Peter Saville and Paul M fail to express prefering to see Tony as some kind of `cargo-cult` (like Prince Philip is to the Tobago Islanders in the Pacific Ocean) that regenerates `the community`. In reality (the society of the spectacle) Peter and Paul stand with bones through their noses worshiping pagan idols. Not modernist at all.


[ 14th Jun 2011: 16:13 ]

Music for 16 June @ Purcell Room now confirmed as OMD (as duo) and Kevin Hewick. See recent front page posting for more details. See you there if you're going.


[ 16th May 2011: 15:25 ]

At the last Southbank show Morley did he had Vini play a couple of songs. I had mixed feelings about the event. There was some good video footage of Wilson driving around talking to Carole Morley (although this was too long). Interespersed with PM talking to Richard Boon and Mike Garry who also read his fantastic poem 'saint anthony' Disappointingly Boon was disappointing and had no insightful things to say, other than "Tony was Tony, infuriating and loveable etc...". Kinda felt he was pissed and incoherent. Mike Garry expressed everything in his poem and had little esle to offer other than to tell us and Morley that Wilson was that bloke of the telly. To be fair to Morley he did explain that this event was to feed into his forthcoming book in that post-modern way of his but I reckon he could've done more. Still Arthur, Morley or who ever is organising should have the decency to give you a shout. There were a couple of hundred people there last time and what with tickets for the Meltdown event at £12.50 a pop I reckon there's enough to properly cover your costs.


[ 8th May 2011: 14:43 ]

Three weeks ago Paul M invited Royal Family & the Poor to play ( I sent him The Popes Daughter cd- this is now downloadable for £4 from our websiite Paul has said nothing since we said yes to the invite. Perhaps he wants a van full of equipment and musicians to turn up and do it for nothing. He can stuff it. His Infantjoy album is nowhere near as good as ours so maybe professional jealousy has set in.Is he just being a c#nt (unlike Tony who was also a genius) ? Probably.


[ 5th Apr 2011: 10:51 ]

Anyone know what the 'live music' is going to be for this Tony Wilson thing at Meltdown?